Everything To Know About Pool Coping Tiles

Pool Coping Tiles

The capping stone or the tile that is used at the edge of the pool is called pool coping. It is necessary for safety purposes as it surrounds the shell of the swimming pool. Also, it gives a decorative accent too which can create a gentle appearance of the pool. 

Purpose of the pool coping tiles:

  1. The main purpose of installing coping tiles is that it is mounted on the bond beam which covers the concrete edge and conceals the steel to protect it from the pool’s wall. 
  2. It helps prevent the water from getting behind the pool shell.
  3. It also integrates the finish and tile of the swimming pool.
  4. The water splashed out of the pool flows down into the deck drain if coping is done in the right way.
  5. Provides a non-skid surface on which swimmers can walk easily without falling.


The material which can be used for pool coping tiles can be natural stone, precast concrete and tile. 


The one material that is more easily affordable than other materials is concrete. It is also easy to work with concrete and is often used for pool coping. They are water-resistant as well which makes it easier for the swimmers to walk on them without slipping. It comes in various finishes and sizes to give a better look to your pool.

Natural Stone:

To bring natural beauty with durability, natural stone is the best option. There are so many natural stones to choose from like limestone, sandstone, granite and travertine etc. these natural stones will give a stunning look to the poolside. The anti-slip nature of the natural stone makes it perfect for the option of pool coping tiles. It has become very popular in North America due to its properties.


Versatile, durable, as well as readily available material, is the brick. There comes a variety of colours and sizes to choose from. Also, they are easily replaceable and are easy to install as well. They give the vintage look to the poolside which increases the aesthetic of the pool even if it is private or public.

Composite Material:

These are affordable as well as easy to modify, cut and shape. There are so many composite coping materials which are available in curved sections, corners and straight lengths. They give a cohesive look to the pool and are salt and water-resistant as well. They are durable till the end as long as used with the good sealant material while installation making them one of the best pool coping tiles.


A small thing that can make your pool look wonderful is the pool coping tiles. With different materials and designing, coping your pool can give it a soothing look along with safety. It is beneficial in all ways and is a must thing to do for your private, public or any other pool.ṣ


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