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Did you know that four million Canadians moved across the country (and beyond) in the past year? While many of them might have attempted a “do it yourself” move, the smartest Canadians work with a professional moving company. These hired movers deal with household, office, commercial and cross-Canada moves. Whether you are moving to a brand new one-bedroom apartment or relocating your family across the country, the best companies are equipped to handle anything. They are also helpful for inter-office moves, which can be as small as a home office and as large as an entire corporation. They can also assist in helping anyone move across town and across the country, or even into the United States.

When you hire residential movers, you’ll be working with an experienced team that can take the heavy lifting and stress out of the moving process. As soon as you contact a reputable company, you can begin. These experts will ensure that your important belongings will be expertly packed and will safely reach their destination. Many offer insurance packages, which mean that they will be liable for any lost or damaged goods. Instead of risking personal injury to yourself, your moving vehicle or even to your home, you can leave all of these things in hands of experienced professionals. They will come equipped with all the best equipment, packing supplies and knowledge of how to move properly. Why risk injury or damage to your belongings? Movers know how to exercise caution. It is also more cost effective than you think, since the price of the truck, supplies and team comes as part of the quote. You will not have to purchase unnecessary packing essentials or take extra trips. The right moving team is efficient and will keep you involved in every step of the process.

There are more than 7,000 complaints about movers received by the Canadian Better Business Bureau each year. With such a high rate of dissatisfaction, how can you be sure you’ve hired the best company in your area? Do some initial research and shop around. A simple Google search will help you look into a company’s legitimacy and reputation, history, physical place of business and if the company has received any recognition or awards. It is also wise to check for complaints online through confidential moving message boards. Find out if the company is part of the Canadian Movers Association and inquire about their insurance policies.

The next step is booking an initial consultation with the company of your choosing. The best companies will visit your home so they can provide a thorough estimate. Finally, you will need to draft up a contract. If you’re in Toronto, check out Rent a Son. This local company offers help through all steps of the moving process, including preliminary packing, temporary storage and final furniture placement. To book a consultation with them, head to where you can also take advantage of their price-match guarantee.

Like all things, it comes down to a feeling you get about a company. The right movers will be forthright and honest about all aspects of the moving process. They will help you stick to a schedule and handle your most delicate objects with care. Whether you are moving for personal or business reasons, it can become overwhelming. Let the right professional business take the edge off. By working with a great Canadian moving company, your next transition can be easier than you think.


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