Understanding Rubber Floors

Understanding Rubber Floors

You must have seen rubber flooring at a number of places. We usually encounter them at commercial buildings, sports arenas, auditoriums, buses, gyms and hospitals. But have you ever questioned that why they are used at such places? Have you ever thought of having rubber flooring at your home? Well, these days’ people are looking at ways to minimize the cost of owning a beautiful home and as a result a number of home owners prefer rubber flooring over traditional concrete and wooden flooring.

  • Best places for a rubber flooring:

The reason why rubber flooring is used in gyms, hospitals and commercial buildings is that it is durable and safe. Rubber floorings are slip resistant and hence provide an added layer of safety. You must have heard of people slipping on the floor and injuring their hip bones and back bones. Well, with a rubber flooring you will certainly minimize the risks of such injuries. If you don’t want to have rubber flooring in your entire home then you can consider having it in your bathroom, kitchen and exercise room. 

You can also have rubber flooring on the stairs. During the rainy season, chances of an accident increase tremendously due to the slipperiness on the stairs (especially if they are outdoors). It will be a good idea to have rubber floor mats on stairs so that you can avoid any such accident.

  • Rubber Floors are durable:

Rubber floors are durable and safe. Due you need any other reason too? Rubber floors have a sponge like structure; it helps them to absorb heavy impacts. We can guarantee you that no matter what activity you do on your floor, you will still have a picture perfect rubber floor. This is also the reason why rubber floors are common at places where high traffic and activity is expected.

  • Unaffected by moisture:

Rubber is a synthetic material. You must have read that synthetic materials are non-biodegradable and possess a strong resilience to nature’s forces. One of the most common problems that people complaint about is the degradation of their wooden floors due to moisture. Once moisture seeps in, it can also result in a bacterial growth. Rubber floors on the other hand are water proof and stay unaffected by moisture. Be assured that even if you live in a tropical rain forest, your rubber floor still won’t be affected by moisture.

Since rubber floors are watertight, people also use them around their pools. The area around a pool is almost always wet and if you have a concrete floor then chances are that someone will slip and fall. By installing rubber flooring around the pool you can surely avoid this.

You can also find rubber floors that are specially designed for specific places. Ellegant Home Design online store is a great place to start… For example you can find rubber floors that are meant to be installed in garages. A traditional floor often wears out in a garage due to the presence of oils. Some, but not all, rubber floors are designed to have a strong resistance to the presence of oils. 


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