Steps to go for a scientific and affordable way of Kitchen Refurbishment

Steps to go for a scientific and affordable way of Kitchen Refurbishment

A kitchen renovation can be a rewarding experience in more ways than one. Apart from improving the aesthetics of the room, it can help increase the value of the home. It is possible to hire kitchen designers and let them take over the renovation completely. Alternatively, you can work with them and get your own ideas implemented into your kitchen. You should gather up the ideas and concepts you would like to see in your kitchen and consult the designers. Apart from getting ideas from books, you can always consult experienced kitchen designers, who can supply you with the finest intricate details regarding how to decorate and modify your old kitchen.

Start With the Basic Design

The kitchen designers help you draw up a basic layout of the kitchen. The layout generally includes the spots where the electrical, plumbing and gas pipes and outlets are located. The layout should also be marked with the location of the windows and doors. While windows and doors cannot be moved, pipes can. However, the process is quite costly and time-consuming. Therefore, you should not move them unless absolutely necessary.

Determine the Work Triangle

The work triangle of the kitchen will determine how efficient you can be while cooking. In a kitchen, the work triangle is the triangle formed by the cooking surface, sink and refrigerator. In an ideal kitchen, the space between them needs to be minimal which allows easy access to each of these critical components. Kitchen designers can help in determining the best layout for the kitchen. After all, the efficiency of the kitchen work triangle will be determined by the shape and size of the kitchen. 

The Placement of the Kitchen Cabinets

  • Cabinets are among the more important components of a kitchen. That is why you and the kitchen designers need to plan their placement carefully. You need to maximize the use of space while installing cabinets so that no unnecessary gaps are leftover. 
  • Gaps prove to be the ideal breeding ground for germs as dust tends to accumulate rapidly in such places. 
  • Additionally, it can become extremely difficult to clean such places. At the same time, you need to make sure that the kitchens still appear roomy and spacious after the addition of few new items.
  • The style of the cabinets will be another point to consider. Choose materials that are durable and possess good strength. The materials should be hardy enough to withstand wear and tear. The design and style of the cabinets should match that of the kitchen. Apart from wood, it is possible to get a variety of other materials such as laminates or even steel.

Selection of the Countertop

The countertop needs to be given the same amount of attention as the cabinets as it is where the majority of the kitchen activities will take place. As such, the countertop needs to be made from a very hardy material such as stone or granite. The material chosen should also be resistant to stains, corrosion, spills and a variety of acids. It should be easy to clean as well.

Purchasing Additional Gadgets and Accessories

  • This is where good kitchen designers can prove to be of help. 
  • They can create computer models of your kitchen and show you where the various kitchen appliances and gadgets can be located. 
  • They can even show you how each feature will look and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. 
  • Good designers can also help you locate the appliances that you require in your kitchen and that too in the correct style.

Designing your kitchen before renovation can be an enjoyable process. However, if you have the help of qualified designers, you will find it much easier to get the kitchen of your dreams ready. Moreover, they may even help you to save money by using modern concepts and ideas.


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