The Many Benefits of a Multi-Fuelled Stove

The Many Benefits of a Multi-Fuelled Stove

Home heating options were very limited for many centuries, and wood was replaced by coal, and as we moved into the Industrial Revolution, the demand for coal surged, as did the need to keep out the harsh British cold, and stoves were the best way to retain heat in the home. Things have come a long way since then, and despite the initial popularity of central heating, more and more homeowners are switching to a traditional fireplace, as there is something uniquely satisfying about an open fire or stove. While in the old days, having an open fire was very time consuming and dirty, with the coal bucket constantly in need of a refill, and traditionally, the family would have a small brush and dustpan, specifically to remove small lumps of coal or dust from the exterior surroundings.

Multi-Fuel Stoves

Modern stoves are a far cry from their ancestors, and a range of fuels can be used, which is much more eco-friendly, and the designs are such that one can create a unique look, while having an efficient heating system at the same time. Sourcing a supplier has never been easier, and with an online search, you can soon locate a supplier of multi-fuelled stoves in Yorkshire or Sussex, and once you have made contact, the supplier would have a range of designs to choose from, all at affordable prices. 

Your Choice of Fuel

Basically, a multi-fuelled stove can burn the following:

  • Wood
  • Coal
  • Wood Pellets
  • Peat

Some are more eco-friendly than others, and you may have access to wood or peat in your garden, but having the ability to switch fuels at will, makes this a much better alternative to a wood burning stove. Although they may look similar, a wood stove cannot burn coal, or any of the other above mentioned fuels, which makes the multi-fuelled version a more attractive proposition.

Modern Designs

The modern stove is pretty much maintenance free, when compared to the work required 100 years ago, and all you have to do is empty the ash bed tray. Wrought iron is extremely popular, and this matches almost any décor, but there are other materials and finishes, which gives you a lot more options. The latest generation would use air boxes to increase the burning temperature, and maximise your fuel use, and whether you are burning wood, coal or peat, the generated heat will be cheaper.

Wood Burning

A vast number of homeowners burn wood in their multi-fuelled stove, as this is environmentally friendly, but of course, you would need a supply of dry wood. Any moisture in the wood will seriously affect the burning process, and smoke will be created, along with spitting sounds, as the water and sap is heated up. In the past, a home in the country would surely have a small woodshed, which would be adjacent to the back door, and this would be refilled on a daily basis from the surrounding countryside.

If you have never considered having a stove at home, there are reputable online suppliers who can help you choose the perfect system to meet your heating needs.


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